The Bloemgracht Loft by Standard Studio

The Bloemgracht Loft by Standard Studio

Architects: Standard Studio
Location: Bloemgracht, Amsterdam
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Standard Studio

Strolling through Amsterdam’s downtown area is dependably an enjoyment on account of the excellent design. In spite of the fact that we are regularly left with the inclination to see inside the structures.


Fortunately we have the chance to see a normal trench house which dates from 1752, and used to be a sugar refinery more than two centuries prior.


Standard Studio, an engineering and inside outline firm from Amsterdam, did the full redesign and inside configuration for this landmark on the unesco secured waterways.

The-Bloemgracht-Loft-by-Standard-Studio-03 The-Bloemgracht-Loft-by-Standard-Studio-04 The-Bloemgracht-Loft-by-Standard-Studio-05 The-Bloemgracht-Loft-by-Standard-Studio-06 The-Bloemgracht-Loft-by-Standard-Studio-07 The-Bloemgracht-Loft-by-Standard-Studio-08 The-Bloemgracht-Loft-by-Standard-Studio-09 The-Bloemgracht-Loft-by-Standard-Studio-10 The-Bloemgracht-Loft-by-Standard-Studio-11 The-Bloemgracht-Loft-by-Standard-Studio-12 The-Bloemgracht-Loft-by-Standard-Studio-13 The-Bloemgracht-Loft-by-Standard-Studio-14 The-Bloemgracht-Loft-by-Standard-Studio-15 The-Bloemgracht-Loft-by-Standard-Studio-16

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