Woodworking Will Be More Efficient With These Portable Table Saws

Woodworking Will Be More Efficient With These Portable Table Saws


It can be quite a challenge to pick the best portable table saws. The market is full of various offers, and a confused customer needs help to choose right from different models available. The multitude of products also has its advantages – you will have a chance to choose a table saw that would be perfectly suited to your needs.

A convenient portable saw should be small enough so that it could be carried easily. Therefore, please pay attention to their construction, whether they have wheels or a handle to change its location easily.

The power of the device is also crucial, as it is important how it handles hardwood. Imagine yourself making intricate oak furniture – you will need a powerful device to help you.

Here is a compilation of the best portable saws along with a description of their features to help you choose wisely:



DeWALT is widely known for its high-quality tools for a variety of home and commercial tasks. This time they did a great job too – this portable saw is excellently made with attention to every detail.

It is a versatile and efficient piece of equipment with many security features that set it apart from the competition. It is among the best table saws at, and it provides trouble-free and safe operation.

It can cut small and narrow strips of wood, as well as large pieces, over 3 inches deep at a 90-degree angle and almost 2.25 inches at a 45-degree angle. Noteworthy is the large, comfortable stand on wheels and a robust 15-amp motor. The quality of the device is also evidenced by its 3-year warranty.


Bosch GTS1031

This saw beats other models when it comes to portability. Bosch has just offered one of the best portable table saws on the market. If you are looking for a saw for tasks that you will carry out in various places and want to quickly pack it into the trunk of the car to transport it a bit further, consider this one.

It weighs only 52 pounds and has an ergonomic handle that will help you grip the device comfortably. In addition to its weight, this saw is compact – approximately 13 inches high and 23 inches wide. The steel base makes it still a very durable and stable device, despite its small size.

Unfortunately, when it comes to power, it is not number 1. The 15-amp motor runs very fast at over 5000 rpm but is not suitable for cutting hard materials.

It won’t be easy to use it in a professional configuration, especially since the warranty is only one year, but if you are looking for a saw for small home projects, Bosch will be a fantastic choice.


Bosch 4100-09

The Bosch 4100-09 continues the company’s tradition of creating the best products. It is much heavier than the previously presented model but has other features that distinguish it positively from the others.

Based on the DIY forum’s information, what characterizes this product is a gravity stand significantly reducing the time of setting up the table saw. Bosch 4100-09 is an extremely durable device, equipped with pneumatic wheels that allow you to roll the equipment on any surface.

Particularly noteworthy is the Smart Guard system, limiting the kickback of pieces of wood and preventing direct contact with the blade by the person performing the work. You will appreciate it if you have worked with a hand saw before.

However, it is quite an expensive device compared to the others on this list. The power of the engine is sufficient, but not spectacular. This is a minus, perhaps because we expect a perfect product for this amount of money. However, we cannot deny that this is a high-class product, and sometimes it is worth investing more than planned.


Makita 2705

Although it is sold as a portable table saw, it differs slightly from other choices on this list. We have placed it here to draw your attention to elements that may complicate carrying the saw freely to another place.

In the case of Makita, it must be said that it is quite bulky when it comes to its construction, and it takes a lot of effort to carry it. However, a niche buyer will love this purchase. Why? It is a pretty powerful saw!

Although quite heavy, compared to other models, it is very precise. If you do not plan to carry your saw often but need a piece of powerful equipment – this will be the perfect solution.



Before buying the best portable table saws, you need to evaluate what work you want to do with it. A different device will work for small household chores and another if you are a carpenter and carry out complex, commercial orders.

One of the most important differentiating factors between the various models will be the engine power. It is also worth paying attention to whether you can easily move the device to another location. Then, see if there is a handle or solid wheels on which you can carry your heavy equipment. We wish you to make the right choice!

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