Willoughby Way by Charles Cunniffe Architects

Willoughby Way by Charles Cunniffe Architects

Location: Aspen, Colorado, USA
Photo courtesy: Charles Cunniffe Architects

Heavy timbers and stone anchor this home into its site on Red Mountain, while large expanses of glass encompass the mountain views. Clean and contemporary materials create soft interiors. This juxtaposition works effectively with light and volume.

Willoughby-Way-01 Willoughby-Way-02 Willoughby-Way-03 Willoughby-Way-04 Willoughby-Way-05 Willoughby-Way-06 Willoughby-Way-07 Willoughby-Way-08 Willoughby-Way-09 Willoughby-Way-10 Willoughby-Way-11 Willoughby-Way-12 Willoughby-Way-13 Willoughby-Way-14 Willoughby-Way-15 Willoughby-Way-16 Willoughby-Way-17 Willoughby-Way-18 Willoughby-Way-19 Willoughby-Way-20 Willoughby-Way-21

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