What Is a Tankless Water Heater?

What Is a Tankless Water Heater?

When designing your home today, one of the most important factors to consider is your heating system. Many heating systems are available, and each system style will come with its pros and cons. For example, one of the biggest cons for many homeowners is the size of their water heater systems. If you want to get around that problem, you might want to look into a tankless water heater instead. What are tankless water heaters, though?

A tankless water heater is a system that might be better known as an on-demand water heater. It uses a small tank and a small heating element which means when your water is turned on, the tankless heater starts to produce hot water. As opposed to having a large tank of hot water ready to go at any time, this is more efficient in many ways.

As water works through the heater, the heater uses its temperature sensor to ensure that the heat the water is brought to is precisely what was asked for. When turned off, the heater stops producing hot water. This can be used to quickly heat anything from your entire property to crucial areas like a whirlpool and jacuzzi.

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What are the main benefits of a tankless water heater?

The main benefit of using a tankless water system is the size from a design perspective. They take up a minor fraction of the space that much larger tanked heaters will take up. You can use the space saved for more storage or a better aesthetic look, as you can now place your heating system elsewhere.

Aside from the design benefit (your unit will take up far less room), what other benefits can using a tankless water heater provide?

  • For one, you can get hot water on demand. This means that you do not have to worry about running out of hot water in the middle of a shower or a cleaning session.
  • If you want to reduce your energy costs, tankless water heaters make a lot of sense. They can provide as much as 40% in energy savings.
  • These tankless systems are easier to maintain and, in many ways, to repair, which can go a long way to making sure you can keep your maintenance costs down.
  • Tankless systems can last for as long as two decades if you care for them and look after the systems involved; tanked systems, by contrast, are lucky to last a decade.

These systems provide the best balance between affordability and usability over time. They are modern, efficient, space-saving, and reliable. For that reason, you might wish to consider investing in a tankless system. Going through a home design process means you should always look for ways to maximize space and improve home efficiency. Well, these tankless heaters provide that opportunity in abundance.

If you think that you could benefit from such an investment, then you should look into having a water heater installed ASAP. It is easy to find a specialist for water heating installation in Denver, but the sooner you decide, the sooner you can benefit.

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