To Catch A Breeze by HYLA Architects

To Catch A Breeze by HYLA Architects

Architects: HYLA Architects
Location: Singapore
Year: 2014
Area: 3,595 sqft
Photo courtesy: Derek Swalwell

This 3-story moderate porch house has a remarkable turning screen on its front rise. Its cross area has a streamlined boomerang shape that serves to divert wind on one side.


On the other side the screen is cladded with timber to give protection. So the inhabitants can turn the screen as indicated by what they require. This likewise gives the veneer a steadily changing example that relates to the state of mind of its clients.


Inside the first story has a high roof and great cross ventilation into a back greenery enclosure court. The staircase has a remarkable triangular cross segment and is sufficiently bright with a bay window above.

To-Catch-A-Breeze-03 To-Catch-A-Breeze-04 To-Catch-A-Breeze-05 To-Catch-A-Breeze-06 To-Catch-A-Breeze-07 To-Catch-A-Breeze-08 To-Catch-A-Breeze-09 To-Catch-A-Breeze-10 To-Catch-A-Breeze-11 To-Catch-A-Breeze-12 To-Catch-A-Breeze-13 To-Catch-A-Breeze-14 To-Catch-A-Breeze-15 To-Catch-A-Breeze-16 To-Catch-A-Breeze-17 To-Catch-A-Breeze-18 To-Catch-A-Breeze-19 To-Catch-A-Breeze-20 To-Catch-A-Breeze-21 To-Catch-A-Breeze-22 To-Catch-A-Breeze-23 To-Catch-A-Breeze-24 To-Catch-A-Breeze-25

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