Villa NTT by Architectuuratelier De Jaeghere: modern home design with a minimalist landscape design

Villa NTT by Architectuuratelier De Jaeghere: modern home design with a minimalist landscape design

Architects: Architectuuratelier De Jaeghere
Location: West Flanders, Belgium
Year: 2016
Area: 3.875 ft²/ 360 m²
Photo courtesy: Thomas De Bruyne

“NTT Villa is located in a private domain which, even though situated in the centre of a city, has a park-like impression. A short avenue guides the visitor to a deeper lying area which is first surrounded by large, stately trees and which then opens up with a view of the Poelberg. The slope of the terrain and the favourable south orientation enhance this open feeling.

The new villa is built on the same location as the previous house. On an urban level, the same volume as the demolished villa was requested: a ground floor with a gable roof. We have optimised this precondition to a linear and slim volume with gable roof that maximally responds to its surroundings. The result is a recognisable type volume with a refined minimalist composition of white walls and deeper-lying dark exterior joinery.

The facade has a rather closed character and the easily interpretable architecture takes the visitor to the covered entrance. Once inside, the visitor is quickly confronted with the view through the long glass facade. The rhythm of the glass distribution and the columns give the impression of a gallery. The terrace table reinforces the bond between inside and outside, and creates an extra spatial experience in relation to the slope of the garden. The long canopy in the rear wall prevents hard sunlight and creates a pleasant experience as a transition to the outdoor area.

The ground floor plan combines several functions to ensure an optimal interaction with the environment: covered terrace, kitchen, living room, study and bedroom. The generous terrace platform presents itself as a fully-fledged architectural element in combination with the slope of the garden and contains an integrated swimming pool. The basement, which is the same size as the villa, can be reached both from the inside and the outside through an outdoor patio. The staircase on the patio leads to a guest room and a wellness area, where the pool window provides natural light with a diagonal view under the skywalk to some large trees.

Perspective is the key word in this design – in the two directions with respect to the surroundings: on the one hand there is perspective in the form of a surprising transverse view through the villa, on the other in the long direction in the form of a gallery between living area and landscape.”

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