Best Tips To Know When Remodeling Your Pool

Best Tips To Know When Remodeling Your Pool

Have you noticed unsightly cracks developing on your pool’s surface? Maybe it’s time for you to renovate your pool. Your pool deserves your best attention as it is not just a valuable addition to your property but also a spot where you create memories of having fun with your family or hosting pool parties for guests. We share the best tips to know when remodeling your pool in this blog.

More importantly, you realize that swimming pools should be in the safest conditions to avoid injuries and accidents. A pool in disrepair can also be a lot less inviting and takes away the excitement of swimming or the pleasure of simply lazing by the poolside. 

The best part of renovation today is that it’s possible to breathe life back into an old and outdated pool with innovative upgrades at a far more economical price than you might have imagined. 

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1. Pool Fencing

 If your old pool did not have one, perhaps you can begin by putting up attractive fences to improve the aesthetics and increase your pool’s value and prevent the untoward, restricting access of more minor children to the swimming pool. When you change or install fences, ensure that you comply with the standards and regulations of Australia. There are many attractive fence options on the market.

2. Resurfacing

An old, worn-out pool may require a more thorough treatment like pool resurfacing to make it look and feel healthier. It is replacing a broken or uneven surface using a colorful aggregate finish. Furthermore, consider adding bolt-on steps to the shallow end of your pool. For your in-ground pool, use a durable, customizable pool deck. You can consider using composite decking or wood decking for an above-ground pool. 

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3. Enhancing Overall Pool Performance

If you have the budget, consider diving into more contemporary choices that upgrade the pool- using the latest waterline tile, upgrading its hydraulic performance, variable speed pool pump, installing solar-powered lights and heaters, energy-efficient filters, and the cherry on the cake will be to switch to an automation system like a robotic pool cleaner, automatic pool cover, or even a complete automation system that will connect your pool to your smartphone.

4. Filtration and Water Treatment

Consider switching to chemical-free or bio-filtration systems for a hygienic and pleasant swim experience. They are also low-maintenance and energy-efficient.

5. Energy-Efficient Pool Lights

It is essential to install underwater lights for swim safety and better vision at night. Waterproof LED light fixtures may be installed so that they do not have a blinding effect on the eyes. Soft and subtle lights can do much to highlight the pool’s beauty. A better option would be to use glow-in-the-dark tiles.

These are some of the best pool remodeling ideas that you can bring to life with the help of expert pool remodellers like Poolinspec Gold Coast and give your old pool a stunning makeover. Consult a qualified engineer to run a detailed survey to start your pool renovation project today!

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