Villa H in W by Stéphane Beel Architect

Villa H in W by Stéphane Beel Architect

Architects: Stéphane Beel Architect
Location: Belgium
Year: 2011
Area: 3,660 sqft /340 sqm
Photo courtesy: Luca Beel

The important scene part of the zone is portrayed most importantly by the characteristic dispersion of confined gatherings of trees substituting with sweeping delicate inclines. The mix of low vegetation, grass and shrubberies with gatherings of tall trees furnishes this scene with its run of the mill sees. Over the span of time the ranch structures have framed a characteristic equalization with the scene: the structures have themselves gotten to be vital segments of this trademark scene. It is important to altogether break down the current scene and typologies and the circumstance on the ground to have the capacity to acclimatize these information in a sound and intriguing way.


The configuration of the new building is established, on a few scales, on the common elements of the scene and the current structures. A spot to live, both in the scene and in the house itself. The previous yard is reinterpreted and reintroduced. The fundamental idea of the yard involves the checking of a spot in the scene where individuals can live and work, and this arrives meant a contemporary setting.


The current farmhouse is reinterpreted as a contemporary home that alludes particularly to the old typology. Home is decreased to the purest type of living in a spot, in an expanding on a yard in a scene.

Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-03 Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-04 Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-05 Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-06 Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-07 Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-08 Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-09 Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-10 Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-11 Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-12 Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-13 Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-14 Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-15 Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-16 Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-17 Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-18 Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-19 Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-20 Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-21 Villa-H-in-W-by-Stéphane-Beel-Architect-22

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