Villa Π by Oliver Grigić

Villa Π by Oliver Grigić

Architects: Oliver Grigić
Location: Čepin, Croatia
Area: 14,994 sqft
Photo courtesy: Marin Topić

Villa π is arranged on a plot of approx. 4 ha, situated on the southern edge of the town Čepin close Osijek. Inside of the plot, it is situated at the turn of the regular woods and the new scene plan. On the south side of the estate is a recently framed lake whose water quality is kept up by natural purifiers. There are two doors at the package, one for the proprietor, close day by day guests, conveyance and administration staff and the other one for outside clients of the pool and other multi-day visitors.


The estate has been concieved as per the wishes and needs of the proprietor. His way of life is one of mingling and enlivening the various individuals from the prompt and more distant family, business accomplices, partners and companions regularly. Hence, the estate has got three doorways and three levels of availability. The third level contains the southern access to the pool territory and the visitor’s wing on the first floor, which are available to the broadest circle of the proprietor’s companions, business accomplices, partners and visitors. The second level, with the western passageway, incorporates, adjacent to the aforementioned, recreational and administration regions. The main level of availability includes carport and, through northern passageway, only private premises of the proprietor and his quick family, comprising of wife and three kids.


On the ground floor, the villa is “L” shaped, with two wings. There are three separate story volumes on top of primary ground volume, two of which are opposite to it, and the third is arranged at the crossing point of wings (with a touch of interpretation). Story volumes accentuate and cover passageways and, practically, assemble comparative substance. Cellar, which reaches out under the piece of the ground floor, contains the motor room and innovation of the pool. The southwestern wing of the ground floor contains administration offices, pool territory, locker rooms and enchant for visitors and outside guests. The southeastern wing contains the proprietors’ living quarters that might be, alternatively, isolated or coordinated through expansive sliding entryways. The southern story volume is a visitor unit with two rooms and a suite. The northern story volume is recreational, with wellness, sauna and unwinding zone and the eastern story volume is the family’s dozing tract.


The estate is incorporated with a recreation center scene through expansive glass window ornaments that permit spatial introduction and straightforwardness, welcoming the clients to steady communication with the nature. The scene outline gives a consistent assortment of visual appeal and shocking unpredictability through the seasons. Materials utilized as a part of the outer and inside configuration are conventional, common, of transcendently warm chestnut tones, with negligible last treatment, guaranteeing a sentiment warmth and association with the nature for the proprietor and every single other client.


Rather than that, a “savvy home” framework speaks to very modern innovation, giving most extreme solace least vitality utilization. Geothermal vitality from twelve wells is utilized for warming and cooling, including the warming of the pool water and sterile water. All premises are being warmed and cooled through the solid structures of the roofs and the floors, that transmit through it’s whole surface. The “Shrewd home” base takes think about security, support, client solace, utilization, keeping record and supportability of the whole framework, the inside space and nature itself.

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