Alphington House by InForm

Alphington House by InForm

Architects: InForm
Location: Alphington, Victoria, Australia
Photo courtesy: Derek Swalwell

A place of two parts, the two-story “Quad” roused front bit exploits park sees from the first floor main room and relax. A solitary story structure like structure suits the kitchen, dinners and living region at the back.

Alphington-House-01 Alphington-House-02 Alphington-House-03 Alphington-House-04 Alphington-House-05 Alphington-House-06 Alphington-House-07 Alphington-House-08 Alphington-House-09 Alphington-House-10

A double sided fireplace separates the meals and living space, where exposed concrete blocks mimic the external piers. Alphington-House-11 Alphington-House-12 Alphington-House-13 Alphington-House-14

Generous outdoor living includes a large loggia and kitchen overlooking the rear garden and pool. Alphington-House-15 Alphington-House-16 Alphington-House-17 Alphington-House-18 Alphington-House-19 Alphington-House-20 Alphington-House-21

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