Types of House Additions

Types of House Additions

If you are thinking of increasing the value of your home, you have probably considered making an addition to it. A home addition can provide you with an extra room or a home gym or media center. You can even make money with the addition if you create a mother-in-law apartment or a home office.

Making an addition to your home is not hassle-free. You are likely to have to get a permit and your homeowners association may not approve of the alterations that you want to make. There are home addition services in Seattle, that can help you acquire the permits.

There are several different types of house additions that you can make. Knowing the benefits and pitfalls of each one can be helpful.


Kitchen Extensions

The kitchen is often the room in a home where the whole family gathers. After all, it is where the food and beverage are stored. Depending on the size of your brood, things can get rather tight. Having more room in the kitchen will not only give everyone a seat at the table but can allow more space for cooking and storage.

When you make any room larger, your home contractor will add additional siding and roofing to the home. This will require matching the current siding and roofing. This can be quite a trick if you live in an older home or if that particular kind of siding and roofing has been discontinued.

Efficiency Apartments

You can convert a garage or basement into an apartment and have a great place for your relatives to stay when they visit. You can also rent out such an apartment. Seattle is one of the most popular and expensive places to live in the country. Having an extra apartment on your property can nettle you hundreds of extra dollars a month.

Adding such a space can be more complicated than it sounds. You will have to add a bathroom and a kitchen. If you want to use your garage for the apartment, you should have a contractor inspect the space and make sure that your plumbing will allow you to make the necessary installations.

Although your home may not officially be a commercial property, when you rent out a mother-in-law apartment, you will have the responsibilities of a landlord. You may want to consider renting out the space via a home-sharing website.

Adding an Additional Story

Instead of making your home wider, you can make it taller. You can add a couple of rooms if you build an additional floor. This is no easy trick as the contractor must remove the roof to put in an additional floor and they are likely to have to replace the heating and air conditioning system as well.

Whatever home additions you may decide to make, you will need an experienced contracting company to make it a reality. Be sure to compare several different companies and interview each one. Ask them if they have ever worked on a project like yours and ask what problems came up when they did. Ask them to give you references and make sure their licenses are up to date with the state of Washington.

You paid a lot of money for your home and an addition can make it the perfect sanctuary for you.

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