Two modern minimalist homes in Ramat Gan by Dror Barda, one is the guest home

Two modern minimalist homes in Ramat Gan by Dror Barda, one is the guest home

Architects: Dror Barda
Location: Ramat Gan, Israel
Year: 2017
Area: 7.535 ft²/ 700 m² and 2.153 ft²/ 200 m²
Photo courtesy: Dror Barda

“This prestigious villa is composed of two buildings: A house with a built-up area of about 700 m looking out onto the pool, and a guest house with a built-up area of about 200 m that sits directly on the edge of the pool.

Within the framework of this unique project, we challenged the forces of gravity by means of a floating cube/ark with a size of about 70 m which serves as the master bedroom and is connected by a bridge to another part of the residential floor. The ceiling of the ark is disconnected from the rounded roof above it, and an upper window lets the daylight in (with appropriate lighting also during evening hours), completing the ark’s detachment on all sides.

The use of materials such as exposed concrete, wood and white plaster with clean lines creates a rich language of encounters and detachments between masses.

In spite of its large area, the space inside the house is neither alienated nor threatening. The entire house is planned without corridors, and each space is utilized in an effective and high-quality way.

The combination of clean and modern design language (created by exposed concrete, the detachments and the clean lines in the white areas) and the warm furniture account for a very pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

The guest house has been planned around an open patio and designed as a loft with industrial elements, together with warm and homey furniture, and the connection between both creates an atmosphere that is both young and inviting. The entrance floor of the loft includes the public spaces, and it all overlooks the pool.”

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