Twin Houses by Ekler Architect

Twin Houses by Ekler Architect

Architects: Ekler Architect
Location: Hungary
Year: 2012
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

The twin houses, by Ekler Architect drove by Dezső Ekler, stand in a greenhouse suburb of a city in East Hungary. The customers, two great companions wished to fabricate just somewhat diverse houses which are arranged on a slope secured by acacia forest. The two-story structures contain administration rooms in the storm cellar (carport, health room, stockpiling, mechanical room) and living territories, rooms on the ground floor confronting the slope.


The roomy site offered an opportunity to find and shape the houses openly. The blessed South-East introduction and the wonderful perspective both crash into the methodology. Consequently, arranged to that bearing a cantilevered structure encourages the living regions overhanging over the carports. Side loggias turning out from the principle volume oblige the agent visitor entryway on the east side and the patio nursery exit on the west.


The creation of the structures depends on the revolution of three volumes around a base point which assigns the individual spaces to ideal positions, and gives differing visual character to the houses from each side perspective.


The entryway is arranged in the center, at the tightest of the building. Before it the kitchen, lounge area and front room lie with full scene and direct association with the patio nursery. The rooms are moved back toward the north adds of the building. The house was assembled of fortified solid structure, with block infill dividers. The converging wings of the building are portrayed by diverse claddings: block and thermo wood yet with corresponding allotments on the two structures.

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