Interior R by 110 Studio

Interior R by 110 Studio

Architects: 110 Studio
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Year: 2015
Area: 667 sqft
Photo courtesy: 110 Studio

From the original solution, which contained an interior passage (hallway) with walled chamber, a small kitchen, table for 2 persons and a large sofa, by small modifications there originated modern airy apartment with a large kitchen, dining table, bio fireplace and a sufficiently large sofa, namely in an area of around 62 square meters (667 square feet) of the whole apartment. Simply said – a small apartment with great potential.


Since the condition was the use of neutral colours and bright shades, across the open space we used laminate flooring in the colour of natural oak, which gave the space nice warm atmosphere.


Gray-white polished gloss kitchen is “animated” by upper cabinets in oak wood decor, as well as the floor, and by wall lining, which is created just with the laminate flooring (on the floor). This facing revived the kitchen and created an interesting element in the apartment. The area does not act cold and sterile, although the rest of the space is in the neutral colours (mainly white, gray and black). Glass screen (curtain) in gray colour acts purely as well as luxury. It blends nicely with the rest of the kitchen and looks modern. The sink, chair, roller blind and appliances in black are stressing the accent.


Within the high cabinets are hidden ascending pipes, which no more interfere the space, and this creates an interesting matter, which passes through to the front door. The kitchen has plenty of storage space, a large working area, and as a whole there arises also a large kitchen.


The dining table in the apartment was originally settled very unhappy as part of the kitchen, where it was more hindering and it was not useful. Now it has its full valued place and in the space it does not hinder, just on the contrary.


The advantage of the neutral basis is that the owners could anytime anyhow revive it by some curtains, pillows and decorations in different colours. Each colour in the space creates a different atmosphere, and nothing does limit them.

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