Hazard Check: 5 Types of Home Security Alarm System

Hazard Check: 5 Types of Home Security Alarm System

Whether you have one installed or you’re looking for an upgrade, security systems nowadays are essential to protect your home from burglars. Security systems involve the use of different gadgets and devices to protect the property from hazards such as crime and fire. The world today is a dangerous place, and each year, there are more cases of burglaries.

Without a security system, you may face a lot of risks, not only to your home but to your family as well. Installing a security system in your home or workplace can make a big difference in how you feel safe and secure. You won’t have to worry if someone’s going to infiltrate your place as most security systems have a direct connection with the authorities.

This way, you can comfortably rest and have peace of mind. You can go to work, knowing that your home and family are safe. If you decide to install a security system in your home or at work, you may be overwhelmed by the different security system options. Here are types of security system that could help you decide what’s more suitable for your home.

Wired Alarm Security System

Wired alarms are the most primary home security system since then. This type of security system uses a low-voltage electrical circuit that flows in two points all through the windows and doors of your home. A wired security system is one of the most efficient security systems as you don’t have to worry about changing batteries for the security devices.

The good thing is that it’s directly connected to the primary circuit. The current flows smoothly through doors and windows, especially when you close them. When someone tries to enter your house and opened the door or window forcibly, it disrupts the current and triggers the alarm.

Wireless Alarm Security System

You can find the newest home alarm security gadgets are wireless. Wireless alarm security system works identically as the wired security system. The only difference is the absence of wires. This type of system has security devices like a motion detector, wireless security cameras, and a smoke detector.

There are a lot of wireless alarm devices on the market today, and you need to know about it. If you want more information about home security gadgets, you can read the ADT review to help you decide on what you should buy.

Commercial Security System

Businesses and companies are facing the same hazards as private residences. But the thing is, there are more prone to burglars and accidents. There’s also a high risk of internal theft, industrial espionage, and work injuries. Therefore, the use of a security system on businesses is a requirement.

It involves the use of more advanced technology such as card readers, automatic access-control systems, button alarms, censored entrance, etc. Also, they should have the most trained security staff from reputable security agencies.

If your business is not big enough for you to install a commercial security system, you don’t have to worry as there are special categories intended for small businesses. It doesn’t mean if you have a commercial security system, you are superior to home/residential security systems. Both methods are technologically at the same level. It may be expensive, but it’s worth the investment.

Monitored Security Alarm System

One of the most commonly used is the monitored security system alarm. It has a lot of pros and cons, but this type of system can be the most suitable for your home or business. Once there’s a trigger in the alarm, it automatically connects to a call center, and they will notify the authorities about the situation.

The only disadvantage of using this type of system is that it runs down to your phone line. If a burglar or a theft locate that line, they can cut it off to disable the censors before going inside the property. To avoid this type of situation, you can use a radio or mobile device to monitor the alarm remotely.

Unmonitored Security Alarm System

Unlike a monitored alarm system, the unmonitored security system relies on the neighbors or the people near you to contact the authorities. This is a cheap type of security system and suitable for those who are tight in budget. It has the same function as the monitored system. It also triggers the alarm if there are suspicious visual movements around your property.


Installing a security alarm system in your home or workplace can be one of the essential safety measures you can do to protect your property and family. Whether you choose a budgeted type or the most expensive one, always remember that safety is your top priority.

As you can see, there are various options for you to choose from. You have to consider some things before purchasing or installing one. Think about the scope of your budget, the size of your home, and what type of system would you use. Keep safe and protect what’s rightfully yours.


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Tyler Pack is a real estate consultant and journalist, with a passion for smart homes technology. He is keen on writing about home and property security, and cybersecurity.

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