Tenaya Residence by DesignCell

Tenaya Residence by DesignCell

Architects: DesignCell
Location: Las VegasNevada, USA
Year: 2011
Area: 6,709 sqft
Price: $1.95 million
Photo courtesy: Eric Menrod

Fresh out of the plastic new, secretly gated custom extravagance domain! This is an exceedingly updated and extremely present day home on almost ½ section of land part with 6 auto carports and a casita with steam shower, an exercise center, a washroom and ignores the shimmering swimming pool and spa.


There is an extra visitor suite on the upper level of the fundamental home. A portion of the top of the line enhancements in this extravagance multi-million dollar home are excellent roof subtle elements, vanishing entryways, third level overhang with full Strip sees and broad utilization of marble and stone all throughout.

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