Endemico Resguardo Silvestre by Gracia Studio

Endemico Resguardo Silvestre by Gracia Studio

Architects: Gracia Studio
Location: Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico
Year: 2011
Area: 20 rooms of 20 sqm each.
Photo courtesy: Luís García

Situated in Valle de Guadalupe «Mexico’s Wine Country», Baja California,Endémico Resguardo Silvestre is an arrangement of twenty autonomous rooms of twenty square meters each, worked by Grupo Habita, a Design Hotels part; settled inside of a surface of 99 hectares, some portion of the Encuentro Guadalupe improvement, which incorporates a winery and a local location.


One of the essential premises was not to meddle specifically the area, as a component of the theory of the venture is to regard nature in every conceivable way. The accessibility of steel by our customer lead to the outline of the perfect structure with this material, which hoists the skeleton of the room, named EcoLoft, to maintain a strategic distance from contact with the dirt. The business of corten steel to cover it, which after some time changes its shading, accomplishing congruity between the earth and the building.


The methodology of the outline of the room originates from the idea of a “fancy” outdoors house, covering the visitor’s essential needs, being in contact with nature and the environment.

Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-02 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-03 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-04-1 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-04-2 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-04 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-05 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-07 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-09 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-10 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-11 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-12-1 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-12 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-13 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-16 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-17 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-18 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-31 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-32 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-33 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-34 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-35 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-36 Endemico-Resguardo-Silvestre-37

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