Stoneview Home & Art Barn by Barrett Studio Architects

Stoneview Home & Art Barn by Barrett Studio Architects

Architects: Barrett Studio Architects
Location: Evergreen, Colorado, USA
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Ron Ruscio

Designed for a cowboy and an artist, this is a quintessential Colorado rough luxury home. Massive raw steel beams are juxtaposed with refined fumed larch cabinetry, heavy lashed timber is foiled by the lightness of window walls.


Monolithic stone walls lay perpendicular to a curved ridge, organizing the home as they converge in the protected entry courtyard. From here, the walls radiate outwards, both dividing and capturing spacious interior volumes and distinct views to the forest, the meadow, and Rocky Mountain peaks. An exploration in craftmanship and artisanal masonry & timber work, the honesty of organic materials grounds and warms expansive interior spaces.


Barrett Studio collaborated with Fedderly & Associates to define architectural interiors & interior design. Furniture & artwork were selected by Fedderly & Associates and the client.

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