RSRG Arquitetos design the João Apartment, a playful and stylish area located in São Paulo

RSRG Arquitetos design the João Apartment, a playful and stylish area located in São Paulo

Architects: RSRG Arquitetos
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2015
Area: 1.173 ft²/ 109 m²
Photo courtesy: Fran Parente

“Located at Rua João Moura, in Pinheiros, São Paulo, the 1962 building was built by a group of friends who decided to live under the same roof. The feeling of welcome is striking. A disconcerting simplicity, the new layout works around the kitchen and living room, which depending on the felling of some walls, also offers great views of the garden over the garage of the building.


The doors have been replaced by other, vintage, bought in Embu das Artes, site of massive sales neighbuor antiques capital. Bricks and concrete on display give feeling of incompleteness, explains Gurgel, who lives in the apartment with her ​​partner, the property owner. A mix of references makes up the decoration. Armchairs Paulistano, Paulo Mendes da Rocha , make starry company to items purchased at flea markets, and the saints bought around the globe.


The owner ‘s grandmother presented her with beautiful antiques, like the glossy black Cabinet, a chair finished ox bone and an inviting chair iron heart-shaped, that welcomes the guests of the double. But what steals the show is the variety of plants grown concept hard for Roger.


“We live in a very grey city and the apartments are getting smaller. The plants are beautiful; make our most lively and welcoming place, and reconnect with nature “. Regina Strumpf and Rogério Gurgel, partners in the architectural firm responsible for the reform, gave new life to a place designed to celebrate. Everything in the right place, charm at will, very green and a delicious mood! Have a good time.”

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