Gasparbonta designed a contemporary two bedroom apartment in Budapest

Gasparbonta designed a contemporary two bedroom apartment in Budapest

Architects: Gasparbonta
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Year: 2016
Photo courtesy: Bálint Jaksa

“STUDIO LOFT is a delicate flat in downtown Budapest. Originally a studio of a well-known Hungarian painter, this flat has all the right features to be a contemporary loft home. The huge central space which contains the kitchen and the living room is accompanied by two bedrooms with separate bathrooms each and a small, invisible storage space.


Naturally, the visually most engaging part is the enormous window in the central space, which is almost 4 by 4 meters (13 by 13 feet). The flat happens to be located on a corner of Budapest’s central park area, Városliget, which is currently being transformed into a multi-layered cultural and recreational park (the Liget Budapest project).


The interior design concept is based on using the existing industrial features and combine them with clear geometry, raw and honest materials, like iron, concrete and wood to create a smooth, airy, empty space. Then add some colorful furniture and art pieces and finally, add some unique lighting solutions, to perfect the visual consistency.”

gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-03 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-04 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-05 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-06 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-07 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-08 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-09 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-10 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-11 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-12 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-13 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-14 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-15 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-16 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-17 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-18 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-19 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-20 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-21 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-22 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-23 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-24 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-25 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-26 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-27 gasparbonta-designed-contemporary-two-bedroom-apartment-budapest-28

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