RG/RM Residence by Gobbo Architetti

RG/RM Residence by Gobbo Architetti

Architects: Gobbo Architetti
Location: TrevisoItaly
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Gobbo Architetti

The living arrangement results from the combination and consequent restoration of two properties situated on the same floor of a working in the noteworthy focal point of the city.


Re-utilization of space is pervaded on a focal line which controls the house in all its profundity, set apart by ceaseless orthogonal leaps forward: if crossed it might be said, from the specialized region disregarding the extensive eating table to the main lavatory, this line leads in territories that slowly get more close; if went the other way, it lets locate a more open measurement where kitchen, feasting and living coincide together in one major space.

RG-RM-Residence-by-Gobbo-Architetti-02The way of such organized and thorough spaces was directed using solid and warm materials in the outline of furniture: wood, crude steel and bond entirely fabricated by strategies for altered ventures of living room and showers; lacquered warm white and stainless steel in modern furniture, for example, kitchen, closets and couches.

RG-RM-Residence-by-Gobbo-Architetti-03 RG-RM-Residence-by-Gobbo-Architetti-04 RG-RM-Residence-by-Gobbo-Architetti-05 RG-RM-Residence-by-Gobbo-Architetti-06 RG-RM-Residence-by-Gobbo-Architetti-07 RG-RM-Residence-by-Gobbo-Architetti-08 RG-RM-Residence-by-Gobbo-Architetti-09 RG-RM-Residence-by-Gobbo-Architetti-10 RG-RM-Residence-by-Gobbo-Architetti-11 RG-RM-Residence-by-Gobbo-Architetti-12 RG-RM-Residence-by-Gobbo-Architetti-13 RG-RM-Residence-by-Gobbo-Architetti-14 RG-RM-Residence-by-Gobbo-Architetti-15 RG-RM-Residence-by-Gobbo-Architetti-16 RG-RM-Residence-by-Gobbo-Architetti-17 RG-RM-Residence-by-Gobbo-Architetti-18 RG-RM-Residence-by-Gobbo-Architetti-19

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