Elliot Bay House by FINNE Architects

Elliot Bay House by FINNE Architects

Architects: FINNE Architects
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Benjamin Benschneider

The Elliott Bay House is situated in Seattle on a restricted site confronting Puget Sound. The building massing of the house has been wrapped around a south-bound yard containing a vast reflecting pool with two “coasting” basalt stones. The reflecting pool assembles all the rooftop seepage from the house, with the downspout from the family room rooftop giving a 10-ft waterfall. The fundamental living space has clearing westerly perspectives of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.


The east side of the living space is the yard with reflecting pool, giving a feeling of closeness and quietness as opposed to the emotional perspectives on the west side. The uncovered wood pillars in the living space change pitch along the length of the room, giving a feeling of dramatization as the rooftop develops toward the perspective of Puget Sound.


Upstairs, the main room cantilevers out significantly toward the Puget Sound perspective. Tall glass dividers wrap the room on three sides, giving a staggering display of water and mountains.


Like other FINNE ventures, a solid feeling of “made innovation” is available in the house. A water plane cut steel fence and door lead to the house passage. Stainless steel stands raise the basalt stones in the reflecting pool so they drift somewhat over the water’s surface. Outside siding is uniquely recolored red cedar with two distinct examples and hues. The striking steel and wood stairs have water plane cut steel railings with an example taking into account hand-drawn ink brush strokes. The rusted steel section entryway utilizes the same ink brush design, just switched. The beech inside cupboards have a custom topographic CNC-processed example called “nonexistent scene.” Freeform steel lighting bars in the roof entwine the kitchen and feasting spaces.


The house is exceptionally vitality effective and feasible. All rooftop waste is coordinated to the reflecting pool for accumulation. The house is protected 40% higher than code. The brilliant hydronic heat framework permits lower working temperatures and higher inhabitant solace levels. The “gypcrete” for the brilliant tubes monitors warm and gives extraordinary warmth and solace to the feet. Liberal glass ranges give characteristic lighting and ventilation; extensive shades are utilized for sun and rain insurance; inside wood is FSC ensured; LED lighting and water-moderating pipes installations are utilized all through the house.

Elliot-Bay-House-by-FINNE-Architects-05Windows have worked in shading. The house has been pre-wired for photovoltaic rooftop boards, and an electric vehicle charging station has been introduced in the garage.

Elliot-Bay-House-by-FINNE-Architects-06 Elliot-Bay-House-by-FINNE-Architects-07 Elliot-Bay-House-by-FINNE-Architects-08 Elliot-Bay-House-by-FINNE-Architects-09 Elliot-Bay-House-by-FINNE-Architects-10 Elliot-Bay-House-by-FINNE-Architects-11 Elliot-Bay-House-by-FINNE-Architects-12 Elliot-Bay-House-by-FINNE-Architects-13 Elliot-Bay-House-by-FINNE-Architects-14 Elliot-Bay-House-by-FINNE-Architects-15 Elliot-Bay-House-by-FINNE-Architects-16 Elliot-Bay-House-by-FINNE-Architects-17 Elliot-Bay-House-by-FINNE-Architects-18 Elliot-Bay-House-by-FINNE-Architects-19

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