Relax and Celebrate With this 7 Holiday Decorating Must-Haves 

Relax and Celebrate With this 7 Holiday Decorating Must-Haves 

If you’re like most people, winter means celebrating holidays at home with your friends and family. From twinkling lights to scented candles, there are many ways to create that magical feeling we all associate with this time of year. Whether you’re hosting others for a holiday or want to make it cozier and festive for yourself, there are some essentials everyone should add to get in the holiday spirit. Keep reading for all the holiday decorating must-haves this year. 

1. Holiday Music 

The first essential to holiday decor isn’t a physical object; it’s the right music to put you in the holiday spirit. Not only will the music put you in the cheery mindset the season brings, but if you’re limited on space, like decorating a college dorm room, music can be your main form of holiday magic. Of course, you can go with the old classics or current pop stars’ renditions of holiday music, but the tunes are a must. 

2. Twinkling Lights 

Easily one of the most universally loved holiday decorations is twinkling lights. We see them in businesses, on mantels and some people cover their homes. Twinkling lights can be understated, like a thin strand of fairy lights, or bright oversized bulbs if that’s your style. They’re an easy way to add a festive sparkle to any space and help boost your mood as the days get shorter and nights to seem longer. 

3. Votive Candles 

Aside from holiday music getting you in the spirit, plenty of scents instantly transport us to our childhood and give us that same magical holiday feeling we had as kids. Selecting beautiful votive candles in scents like winter frost, black forest, and pink peppercorn is a great way to amp up your holiday decor. The holidays occur in the dead of winter when it’s cold outside, and nights indoors by the fire or with candles burning to make it feel safe and warm. Choose votive holders in traditional holiday colors like gold, forest green, and a deep maroon to elevate this decor. 

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4. Throw Blankets 

Not everyone likes their home bursting with festive decorations like Santa knick-knacks or reindeer statues. When you boil it down, the most important part of the season is enjoying holiday traditions with loved ones and making lifelong memories. So up the cozy in your home and decorate with throw blankets. They’re great for sitting on the floor, playing games, cuddling by the fire, and watching a holiday movie. Throws in festive colors or faux fur are the perfect understated touch. 

5. Statement Piece 

Whether your statement piece is a menorah, Christmas tree, or anything in between, having a focal point to your decor is essential. You want your statement piece to be easily visible and something your family can gather around. Many holiday traditions focus on these main pieces, so investing in the highest quality you can afford is key. 

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6. Less Is More 

If you go the Christmas tree route, remember that less is more. While it’s in trend to decorate your tree monochromatically, eclectic Christmas trees will always be in season. The key to decorating your tree is to keep it tasteful. Of course, you should hang sentimental ornaments and fun, bright lights, but don’t overdo it. If you have many items you want to be displayed, opt to have a second tree or showcase your memorabilia in other areas of your home. For example, round ornaments look beautiful in a tasteful bowl on a coffee table as another accent decoration.

7. Door Wreaths 

There are several camps of holiday decorators, those who go all out, those who do nothing, and those somewhere in the middle. At the bare minimum, decorating your home’s door with a wreath is a must. Studies have shown those who decorate for holidays are perceived as friendlier by their neighbors. And your home’s door is the first thing visitors, and you, see. A simple evergreen wreath, an elaborate store-bought, or a sentimental DIY wreath can make all the holiday difference. 

Decorating your home for the holidays is personal, and you may have other items that you deem essential on your list. But, if you use the above items as your baseline holiday decorating must-haves, you’re guaranteed to start feeling the holiday spirit and be ready to relax and celebrate the entire season. Happy Holidays!

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