InForm completed the custom designed Eaglemont House with a contemporary look

InForm completed custom designed Eaglemont House with a contemporary look

Architects: InForm
Location: Eaglemont, Melbourne, Australia
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Derek Swalwell

“This custom designed residence endeavours to create a kind of vigorous grandeur reminiscent of the surrounding picturesque houses admired throughout the neighbourhood. The stepping of the plan and form also responds to the natural gradient of the site and streetscape.


The various single-pitch roof forms alternate in direction to control the sunlight entering the house. The interior spaces each have their own individual character and unique relationship with the site and its landscaping. The living spaces wrap a central courtyard garden with ceilings pitching north.


The clients highly valued dining table will sit within a soaring double height space, while the kids’ games room is at the opposite end of the courtyard, adjacent to the pool. The master bedroom opens to its own private garden at the front of the house.”

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