Pitched Roof House by Chenchow Little

Pitched Roof House by Chenchow Little

Architects: Chenchow Little
Location: SydneyNew South Wales, Australia
Year: 2009
Area: 716 sqm
Photo courtesy: John Gollings

The Pitched Roof House advanced from a strict translation of arranging codes that require new houses to have pitched rooftops. The new house reinterprets the conventional pitched room.


Dissimilar to a conventional pitched rooftop, the triangles pitch up, as well as transform to shape a faceted rooftop plane. The triangular geometry of the rooftop is proceeded down onto the veneers of the house, and turned into the premise for articulating openings.


The variability of the triangular geometry gave us the flexibility to push and draw the building structure as required to suit the brief of the customer, the nearby town arranging codes, the size of the neighboring rooftops, and the prerequisite for sunlight based access to the family rooms.


The parlors are situated on the top floor to exploit the sculptural rooftop plane, the perspectives crosswise over Sydney harbor, and daylight. Rooms are situated on the lower levels were standpoint and sun oriented access are traded off by neighboring houses.

Pitched-Roof-House-01 Pitched-Roof-House-02 Pitched-Roof-House-03-1 Pitched-Roof-House-03-2 Pitched-Roof-House-03 Pitched-Roof-House-05 Pitched-Roof-House-06 Pitched-Roof-House-07 Pitched-Roof-House-12 Pitched-Roof-House-21 Pitched-Roof-House-23 Pitched-Roof-House-24

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