Bonaire House by Silberstein Architecture

Bonaire House by Silberstein Architecture

Architects: Silberstein Architecture
Location: ,
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Robin Hill

PROGRAM: 3 rooms, each, with their own private restroom, one room with its own private washroom available from the outside of the house, a study/TV room likewise with its own full shower to take into consideration future change into room, parlor, lounge area, kitchen , one auto carport, a pool, spa and dock for vessels and plane skis.


SITE: The 1/3 section of land site lies at end of a circular drive and is sandwiched between two twofold story homes. The profundity of the property runs upper east to southwest, flawlessly adjusted to the neighborhood exchange winds.


Arrangement: The blueprint of the house and area of rooms are impacted by: the nearby closeness of contiguous homes, prevalent wind course, and water sees.

Bonaire-House-00 Bonaire-House-01 Bonaire-House-02 Bonaire-House-03 Bonaire-House-04-1 Bonaire-House-04 Bonaire-House-05-2 Bonaire-House-05 Bonaire-House-06 Bonaire-House-07 Bonaire-House-08-0 Bonaire-House-08-1 Bonaire-House-08-2 Bonaire-House-08 Bonaire-House-15 Bonaire-House-16 Bonaire-House-17 Bonaire-House-21 Bonaire-House-22

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