Penthouse in Vancouver by Feenstra Architecture

Penthouse in Vancouver by Feenstra Architecture

Architects: Feenstra Architecture
Location: Yaletown, Vancouver, Canada
Area: 5,234 sqft
Photos: Feenstra Architecture

A spectacular, completely rebuilt, port-level penthouse in Yaletown, Vancouver / Canada. Provides for 490qm a 360 ° view of the city. With both and mountain views. If the space it will bear such stalls can sometimes also create dark, which I find really succeeded here for a change. Certainly there are a few things that I would do differently, but we do not even want to look for the hair in the soup.

Yaletown-Penthouse-00Yaletown-Penthouse-01 Yaletown-Penthouse-02 Yaletown-Penthouse-03-1 Yaletown-Penthouse-03 Yaletown-Penthouse-04 Yaletown-Penthouse-05 Yaletown-Penthouse-06 Yaletown-Penthouse-08 Yaletown-Penthouse-09 Yaletown-Penthouse-10 Yaletown-Penthouse-11 Yaletown-Penthouse-12 Yaletown-Penthouse-13 Yaletown-Penthouse-14 Yaletown-Penthouse-15 Yaletown-Penthouse-16 Yaletown-Penthouse-17 Yaletown-Penthouse-18 Yaletown-Penthouse-19 Yaletown-Penthouse-20

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