Jade Ocean Penthouse by Pfuner Design

Jade Ocean Penthouse by Pfuner Design

Location: Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, USA
Area: 5,000 sqft
Photo courtesy: Pfuner Design

Jeweled lighting and a sophisticated blend of colors and textures create high drama in this almost 5,000 square foot, oceanfront 2-story penthouse in Sunny Isles Beach. The owner’s traditional background and the building’s modern appeal inspired us to balance contemporary themes with classical touches. The client’s request – a contemporary design that wasn’t too modern or cold – was a perfect match for our design style: contemporary and elegant, refined yet luxurious and sophisticated.

Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-01 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-02 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-03 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-04 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-05 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-06 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-07 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-08 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-09 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-10 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-11 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-12 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-13 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-14 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-15 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-16 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-17 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-18 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-19 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-20 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-21 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-22 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-23 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-24 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-25 Jade-Ocean-Penthouse-26

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