Open space R&D home near the outskirts of Brasília by Esquadra|Yi

Open space R&D home near the outskirts of Brasília by Esquadra|Yi

Architects: Esquadra|Yi
Location: Brasilia, Brazil
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Joana França

The outline asked for this house, which is situated in a gated group in the edges of Brasília, ought to be calm, without garishness, and rather circumspect.


The initial 66% of the site are involved by a one-story building, bound to be the social and administration zones. At the back, there is a two-story working with five rooms, zones for study, and a private parlor. This building is deliberately found oppositely to the one-story building.


The open space made by the blend of the two structures encompasses the relaxation zone, which is completely coordinated with the social ranges. The substantial glass boards in aluminum outlines, which close the inner zones, guarantee the fancied ease of space. At the point when the boards are open, the social region turns into a veranda, turning the front room, lounge area, and kitchen into a purported “gourmet space.”


The rooms, additionally confronting the recreation territory, are prudently secured by moving boards of latticework, which, being independently moved, structure diverse settings at the foundations of the building.


On the inverse side, the divider, made of punctured metal sheet, recommends some collaboration with the road, as yet keeping the tenants’ protection. On the upper floor, the greenery enclosure porch, situated over the one-story building, capacities as the expert suite’s overhang and also the fifth façade, which can be seen from alternate rooms and from the neighboring houses.


In conclusion, the utilization of various compositions, for example, wood, rocks, solid, rust, and vegetation, offer the asked for private environment. A house apparently unsophisticated and deep down coordinated.

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