Ols House by J. Mayer H. Architects

Ols House by J. Mayer H. Architects

Architects: J. Mayer H. Architects

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Year: 2011

Area: 306 m2

Photo courtesy: David Franck


The new house is on a plot of area close Stuttgart, on a slope with a liberal perspective of the valley. The proprietors needed another home that would breath life into this perspective even within the building. The house is in a neighbourhood with customary improvements, the vast majority of which date from the 1960s.


The new, 4-man family home is isolated into a raised ground floor with passage range, utility room and spa, and a second floor with an open, streaming floor arrangement containing the living, feasting and kitchen regions. Full-tallness coating gives a free perspective of the valley and porch looking over the patio nursery territory.



Upstairs are the resting ranges, changing areas and bathrooms. The focal configuration component is a sculptural staircase that join each of the three levels.



The house was assembled as a fortified solid development. The exterior comprises of one warmth protecting compound framework and an aluminum and glass veneer. Supports and hostile to glare sheeting give incorporated sun security, ensuring it against warmth. The greater part of the lightweight segment dividers inside are made of drywall.



The floor is a mless layer of screed. The rooftop with the profound, recessed overhang was fabricated with pre-weathered zinc plate cladding and is fitted with sun powered boards. Open air cleared regions were acknowledged as tartan surfaces.



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