Nova Lima House by Denise Macedo Arquitetos Associados

Nova Lima House by Denise Macedo Arquitetos Associados

Architects: Denise Macedo Arquitetos Associados
Location: Nova Lima, MG, Brazil
Area: 1,100 sqm
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: Gustavo Xavier

The idea of this undertaking gets to be from the colossal livelihood that this house could have as a CONTEMPLATION space. This employment originates from its area, depicted by the blue mountains and valleys of Minas Gerais.

P_E_702-608-E copy-BAIXAThe principle objective of this undertaking was cabin a critical gathering of contemporary craftsmanship and permit thankfulness and commonality with the environment. Hence we planned a venture where, through construction modeling, the outside was acquired, in each room, while there were accessible spaces for the craftsmanships.

P_E_702-013-E copy-BAIXAWe built up a substantial region in workmanship dividers for the show of the these fine arts, where they were white painted so as to underline the craftsmanships and keep any impedance in them.

P_E_702-031-E copy-BAIXAOn the exteriors the utilization of portable glass boards ensured an intelligence of the in and exterior, making brilliant and vaporous spaces.

P_E_702-183-E copy-BAIXAA display was made, and because of its measurements, 14 meters profound and twofold tallness with 6 meters tall, offers a show zone of 190 square meters.

P_E_702-207-E copy-BAIXAThe divider on the left half of this display of 14 meters permitted the making of an incline with 28 meters in length, advancing course and a walk encompassed by works of art, important target and structures of uncommon outer scene.

P_E_702-230-E copy-BAIXAThe decision of materials and coatings was gone for straightforwardness and plunder keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a strategic distance from impedance to the works of art’s display and the compositional drawing, drawing that with prospects officially all around divided by the metal structure obvious.

P_E_702-249-E copy-BAIXATo evade impedances, floor and roof are the same material, bond smoldered, along the white dividers. This decision of materials stretches out all through the house, aside from on the second floor, where the rooms, office and library embrace the hardwood floors, to guarantee comfort to the rooms. All the joinery and settled parts are white to imitating the dividers, for example, the ledges in white Corian and the cupboards in finish white matt.

P_E_702-259-E copy-BAIXAThe furniture’s meaning takes after the same idea of the decision of covering, not contend, at no time, with the works of art, keeping in mind impersonating the concrete floor smoldered. In this way, the pieces were picked by the balance of its configuration and style of its hues, taking after the consistency that guided the whole venture.

P_E_702-287-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-342-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-422-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-447-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-475-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-484-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-501-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-516-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-522-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-563-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-576-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-590-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-622-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-639-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-648-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-673-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-691-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-723-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-744-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-754-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-761-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-781-E copy-BAIXA P_E_702-789-E copy-BAIXA

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