Modern Sea View Rothesay Bay Home by Creative Arch

Modern Sea View Rothesay Bay Home by Creative Arch

Architects: Creative Arch
Location: Rothesay Bay, Auckland, New Zealand
Year: 2013
Area: 3.143 ft²/ 292 m²
Photo courtesy: Andy Chui

Inspired by the superb precipice top edge site in Rothesay Bay, the adjustments to the customer’s current house exploit the waterfront ocean sees. With an attention on reusing and economy, a significant part of the current piece and foundation structures were held to shape a cutting edge four room home.


For outer cladding, a striking blend of recolored cedar shiplap vertical and even, highlighted with powder-covered metal cladding and mortar have been utilized. These, joined with low lying rooftops, separate the structures structure. The case structures are further incorporated with breaks, eyebrow rooftops, secures and dark joinery giving an intriguing difference in the middle of surface and frame.


Ecological contemplations affected the configuration of the house, with detached and cross ventilation illuminating outline choices. Over the upper split level, four rooms are gotten to with full stature farm sliders which open up to full tallness cedar secures which give light, ventilation and protection for inhabitants of the front two rooms. The two back rooms appreciate wraparound decks with deck sliders that open to the uninhibited perspectives of Rothesay Bay.


The lower floor versatile re-utilizes the current solid floor piece, with living and kitchen repositioned to use latent warming. The western yard has been held with another louver framework giving windbreak on the uncovered site and shade in the mid year months to the kitchen. Twofold coated full stature aluminum joinery in the principle living territory gives solid indoor-outside stream with adaptability and versatility.


Working with the current parameters and taking after a layered methodology, has brought about a present day home which lays serenely on a clifftop site between neighboring high and low properties.

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