Minimum House by Scheidt Kasprusch Architekten

Minimum House by Scheidt Kasprusch Architekten

Architects: Scheidt Kasprusch Architekten
Location: Mellensee, Brandenburg, Germany
Year: 2008
Area: 1,615 sqft
Photo courtesy: Christian Gahl

The minimum house at Mellensee, arranged toward the south of Berlin, is a model for a serial occasion and residentialhouse. Under the mark minimumhouse it is offered including all furniture and fittings. The idea was produced by the perfect of a house with most extreme outside impressions furthermore by making full utilization of the sun oriented yields for the building.


The impressions of glass and light make the three-side glassed building shells seem irrelevant. The group comprising of planners, designers, building physicists and executing organizations built up a secluded building idea, that permits a contemporary open-arrangement living with high natural and monetary models.


The Institute for Building and Solar Technology, Braunschweig created in a few recreations different thermic and specialized choices for the building administrations to get the ideal answer for every area. The yearly warming necessities answer to the low-vitality standard. Soil sensor, roof mounted radiation warming, controlled ventilation and a warmth recuperation support thermic computerization. A transport framework always directs and controls the house.


The floor arrangement association and the perfect introduction of the house –north side shut, alternate sides paned-empower dynamic and latent utilization of sunlight based vitality. A nearby planetary group is put on the widely vegetated level rooftop.


The northern divider is a profoundly protected, two-shell timber outline development. The southern veneer is a flush settled coating mullion transom development. Sliding windows grant to open the west and east veneers.


A center, that is set in this volume, incorporates building benefits, storeroom and flight of stairs furthermore isolates the ground arrangement into zones. All materials and surfaces utilized for the minimumhouse have been picked in understanding to environmental and feasible criteria.


Minimum-House-07 Minimum-House-09 Minimum-House-10 Minimum-House-11 Minimum-House-12 Minimum-House-14-1 Minimum-House-14 Minimum-House-15 Minimum-House-16 Minimum-House-21 Minimum-House-22 Minimum-House-23 Minimum-House-24

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