Seadrift Residence by CCS Architecture

Seadrift Residence by CSS Architecture

Architects: CSS Architecture
Location: Stinson Beach, California, USA
Year: 2007
Area: 1,900 sqft
Photo courtesy: Matthew Millman

CCS Architecture planned this maintainable, 1900-square-foot shoreline house in Stinson Beach, CA, as a second home for a three-era San Francisco crew. Situated in Seadrift, a gated get-away group that started in the 1950s at the tip of Stinson Beach, the Northern California structural planning is calm among neighboring homes by Joe Esherick, Stanley Saitowitz and William Wurster.


The configuration takes after a thorough manageability program, accomplishing the Marin Planning Department’s most astounding rating for asset proficiency. Photovoltaic boards produce all the home’s power, sending surplus vitality back to the matrix. All the home’s frameworks—high temp water, HVAC, and brilliant warming—are coordinated, electric-based, and controlled by the PV boards on the rooftop. The main utilization of normal gas is at the cooking range, which draws from a 50-gallon propane tank. Except for the propane tank, the house is net-zero as far as its vitality utilization.


Since nearby construction regulations require new development to be no less than three feet above level (in reckoning of rising ocean levels), CCS drew nearer the undertaking like building a dock, making decks that progression down to the water.The home stands at the middle, with open air spaces that are an expansion of the inside.


The home’s easygoing, open arrangement is intended to oblige many individuals for the duration of the day and seasons, as Seadrift is a social enclave where everybody goes to see loved ones. The living zone opens totally to extensive decks in two bearings. The shape and size of the decks make them welcoming and usable, with a personal patio on the sunny, south side and a L-molded deck on the tidal pond side toward the north. Glass railings permit continuous perspectives to the water and slopes past. There is a liberal deck at the water level to suit swimming and sailing.


Inside, the building is zoned into living and room wings. The front room, kitchen and eating spaces involve the primary territory, with a nearby family room. Enunciated bay windows acquire loads of designed light. The flame circle turns to send warmth to the family room or outside to the deck. The minimized, room wing is sequestered for dozing. Two bathrooms, encased with pocket entryways, sprinkle the three rooms for shared and en suite use.


While shoreline houses are regularly loco, this one is current and refined yet still easygoing, with clean spaces and smart capacity that fits the family’s way of life. The assorted and tough blend of materials incorporates privately reaped cedar favoring a non-poisonous fading oil complete, aluminum-confined windows and entryways, local cedar roofs, necessary shading solid floors, and painted MDF and walnut cupboards.

Seadrift-Residence-05 Seadrift-Residence-06 Seadrift-Residence-07 Seadrift-Residence-08 Seadrift-Residence-09 Seadrift-Residence-10 Seadrift-Residence-11 Seadrift-Residence-12-0 Seadrift-Residence-12 Seadrift-Residence-13-1 Seadrift-Residence-13 Seadrift-Residence-14 Seadrift-Residence-15 Seadrift-Residence-16 Seadrift-Residence-18 Seadrift-Residence-21 Seadrift-Residence-22 Seadrift-Residence-23 Seadrift-Residence-24

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