Luna2 Private Hotel

Luna2 Private Hotel

Location: Bali, Indonesia
Photo courtesy: Firefly Collection

Luna2 Private Hotel is the kind of hip hangout where you’d expect to find famous rock stars… Or perhaps that’s you. In which case, you’ve found the right place. Wired for sound, and designed to within an inch of its life, Luna2 Private Hotel is a sixties-inspired, space-age, funky luxury property in Bali.


Occupying a prime position on the Seminyak beachfront, the 5-bedroom property is enclosed within walled gardens and overlooks the shimmering sands. Just slip on your shades and relax by the Luna2 pool as a small army of staff brings you all the cocktails and canapés you can handle. Feast on chef-prepared dishes in your private restaurant, and let the in-house masseuse melt away any tensions, all to the soundtrack of your favourite music.


Whilst your senses are being pampered, your synapses are continually stimulated by the astonishing interior design. The retro space-age private hotel, named after the first spacecraft to land on the moon, was created by the owner, Melanie Hall, in collaboration with architect David Wahl. It may be in Bali, but it’s a million miles from the traditional Balinese pagoda style.


Luna2 Private Hotel has all the benefits of a luxury hotel, from daily housekeeping and concierges, to the à la carte restaurant service. Yet it’s also a private home-from-home where you can set your own agenda and do whatever you want. A group of friends might look forward to non-stop, over-indulgent partying, but it’s also a great place for families, packed with entertainment from the in-room iPods to the Xbox in the amply-stocked playroom.


There is plenty to do nearby, with Lunamobiles and ‘pilots’ on hand to whizz you around the island. All sorts of activities, such as horse riding, cookery lessons and health & fitness training, can be easily arranged for you. Guests also enjoy a temporary membership of the elite Canggu Club where there is a pool, gym, tennis courts, playing fields and a restaurant.


All in all, Luna2 Private Hotel is a fabulous combination of retro Pop Art style with supersonic state of the art technology. Just discovering all the design details is a pleasure – from the iconic wallpaper to the image of Marilyn Monroe on the bottom of the pool.

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