LTS House by Apio Arquitectos

LTS House by Apio Arquitectos

Architects: Apio Arquitectos
Location: Lago Todos Los Santos, Chile
Year: 2014
Area: 1,291 ft²/ 120 m²
Photo courtesy: Alejandra Valenzuela

This single-family weekend habitation is situated in the south shore of Todos los Santos Lake in southern Chile, encompassed by local timberlands and a few volcanoes, where the main access is by watercraft.


The territory is entirely one of a kind and amazing: it is situated on a high incline edge with a rough shore and has more than 1.5 meters (4.92 feet) of topsoil on its surface, which obliged us to have a procedure in regards to the decision of materials and development framework, to encourage water transport and establishment by hand without the utilization of overwhelming hardware.


With these components as preparatory conditions, combined with regarding and mediating the regular territory as meager as could reasonably be expected, a development arrangement of columns and steel bars was proposed, permitting us to roost over the line of help and create negligible contact focuses and establishments, in this manner staying away from the unearthing of the slope.


On this base metal structure, the floor made of impregnated dry pine wood was mounted, getting the light volume with the system of the house.A separation between the ground and the ingenuity is in this way created, and a volume that ignores the lake with its full veneer.


Inside, the rooms are masterminded around a focal basic and ceaseless space with the kitchen-feasting parlor, leaving two living zones at every end.To streamline assets, all the furniture was produced from surplus building materials (metal edge profiles and wood).


Every single inside divider are clad in regular wood, which gives a warm environment run of the mill from southern Chile.As far as cladding, it ought to be the same on rooftops and dividers, a water safe material, a reinterpretation of the old shingles. It must be adequately impartial to make a congruous dialog with the scene.


Cintac metal cladding plates, PIT model, permitted light transport, simple get together and low upkeep.As far as building administrations, the organization Home Control Facilities added to a thorough vitality proficient lighting and vitality venture taking into account a LED lighting framework and sound appropriation by regions.

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