EVA architecten converted an old farmhouse into contemporary Villa Hogebiezen

EVA architecten converted an old farmhouse into contemporary Villa Hogebiezen

Architects: EVA architecten
Location: Ijsselstein, Netherlands
Year: 2015
Area: 6.609 ft²/ 614 m²
Photo courtesy: Luuk Kramer

“A contemporary addition between the original ribbon development. In the direct surroundings old farmhouses are alternated with houses from different periods that were built after the land consolidation.


Since the various functions of contemporary houses are no longer in line with a characteristic farmhouse facade (wide front with residential function) this house has not been developed from this typology. We opted for the design of the roof shape to be positioned longitudinally along the house. This shape is derived from two monopitch roofs at which the lower point of articulation is elevated. In this way two domains are created on the upper floor, which gives the house a large degree of flexibility. Sleep – work combinations or parents’ – and children’s bedrooms can be combined in these two domains.


Large voids create the connection between the two floors. In this way the roof shape is experienced in various places on the ground floor. The roof is covered with natural slates. Sharp folding lines provide the transitions of the different roof planes. To be able to feel the mass of the house we opted for a concealed gutter as a transition from roof plane to house front. The facade is made of a blended grey stone.”

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