Loft is Loft by Martin Architects

Loft is Loft by Martin Architects

Architects: Martin Architects
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Year: 2015
Area: 1,237 sqft
Photo courtesy: Martin Architects

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the design of the apartment for a bachelor stood out today into a science with its laws and regulations. After all, you see, habits and lifestyle lonely man very different from other categories of life of residents. It is hard to imagine that a modern bachelor with his characteristic negligence and inattention, and often even chronic fatigue due to prolonged hard work will be several times a day to wipe numerous vases and figurines, embossing rug and correct blockages side decorative cushions. This means that the design of the apartment for a bachelor to be first and foremost functional and practical, but, in the words of an Italian interior designer Giorgio Saporiti, “do not oppress the emotions.


Design Features for a bachelor apartment

When designing for a bachelor apartment you may find useful the following recommendations:

  • Prefer non-staining colors and finishes tekstilya.K example, representatives of the stronger sex often like to invite friends to watch a football game over a beer, and if you put a snow-white living room sofa for a long time, he will remain as such.
  • Choose easy-to-use and care furniture. The most practical and durable are chromed metal products, which, moreover, looks very stylish.


  • Consider the habits of the owner.Getting to the creation of the design for a bachelor apartment, studio specialists Martin Architects necessarily talking to the client and find out the features of his life. Some of our customers are a homebody and want to see in your home this “fortress”, while others come in their “lair”, only to spend the night.


  • Consider the options open plan. Comfortable for single men can be studio apartment, which lacks the usual interior walls, and the space is divided into functional areas by using furniture, decoration, lighting and color accents.


  • Pay attention to the loft, minimalism, hi-tech and modern. These areas are most commonly used in the design of apartments for bachelors. The rigor and practicality combined with the passion for technical innovation will be the best solution for the room interior of the stronger sex. A loft-style apartment is ideal for a musician, an artist or a creative personality.


The distinction between the functionality and comfort of a rather thin, and carry it yourself is difficult. That is why many single men are turning to specialized studios and bought a professional design for a bachelor apartment. Using the services of Martin Architects, you will be able to realize the most daring ideas and build in his apartment an ideal environment for work and leisure. We are democratic pricing policy and provide design apartments for singles across the country, so to work with us convenient and profitable.

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