Le Petit Palais

Le Petit Palais

Location: Courchevel, France
Price: €100,000 per week
Photo courtesy: Firefly Collection

If you seek the ultimate luxury ski chalet where every imaginable indulgence awaits you, then Chalet Le Petit Palais is your Nirvana.


A quick glance at the details is enough. From the private nightclub, cinema room and spa to the team of dedicated staff to the exclusive location in Courchevel 1850. Le Petit Palais has it all, and more. Furthermore, it has been designed in the kind of faultlessly chic and cool contemporary manner that an international style icon would be proud of.


Newly built, in a secluded yet central nook on the upper slopes of Courchevel 1850, Chalet Le Petit Palais is ski in, ski out. Of course it is. From the elevated position of your balcony you can watch skiers hurtle past as your butler tops up your glass. From the moment you arrive, welcomed by your chalet staff and a Champagne reception, everything is taken care of.


Housekeepers clean discreetly every day, delicious meals are prepared by your private Chef, and your day to day needs are met by your butler and an in-resort chauffeur service. Perhaps you would like to throw a party in your private nightclub and bar? Perhaps you’d like ski passes and equipment brought to the chalet? No problem. A whole range of extras can be arranged, from hiring babysitters to booking a heli-skiing trip, at additional cost.


But hold on a minute. Don’t overlook the jaw-dropping facilities within your private palace, in your hurry to get out and about. Spend a little time taking all six floors, from the delectable living area at the top, with separate TV room and mezzanine library, to the enormous, world-class spa in the basement. Don’t miss the contemporary wood burners and works of art, skilfully placed amidst shades of charcoal and cyan, luxurious fabrics and lush finishes.


On another level of Chalet Le Petit Palais is your very own private bar, complete with dance floor, DJ mixing desk and nightclub light and sound system. There’s no need to leave the confines of your own chalet when you are surrounded by such extravagance. And we haven’t even mentioned the cinema room and the wine cellar yet. There’s even a dedicated playroom so the children won’t feel left out. The only problem is that every other chalet will pale in comparison.

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