Interior Design Myths That You Should Know About

Interior Design Myths That You Should Know About

Like any other subject, the field of interior design suffers from several common myths and flat-out pieces of misinformation. Below, several of the top interior design myths are debunked. Most result from long-time misconceptions and outmoded ways of thinking about how people can and do prefer to decorate their living spaces. By learning about the top misconceptions, homeowners are better equipped to find their own style, hire a designer to help them improve their home’s look, and add a touch of creativity to any room. Today, people of all ages and economic backgrounds prefer design elements like white walls, empty spaces, home lifts, strategically placed mirrors, and more. Here are the pertinent details.

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White Walls are a No-No

For reasons unknown, white walls have a terrible reputation among people who don’t know much about the basic principles of interior design. Some say non-colored walls are uninspired, boring, bland, offensive, and worse. The facts are otherwise. Savvy homeowners use the occasional white space as a contrast to other design elements, like abstract art, fabric hangings, and sculpture pieces. Indeed, many modern homeowners aim to create a minimalist aesthetic, and white walls play perfectly into that vibe. They’re a clean, neat backdrop for special furniture pieces and unique flooring, too. Don’t ignore the trick some decorators use as white walls reflect light and can brighten darker parts of a house or make a small room appear larger than it really is.

Steps Are a Must in 2-Story Homes

The mistake many make about steps is that home lifts are now a common part of many houses. Just because you have two or more stories in your living space, steps are not a necessity. Adding a home lift, like any of the many models from Lifton Home Lifts, can eliminate the need for staircases or steps. But it’s not about convenience only. Lifts can totally transform the look of any part of a home. Lifts can also add to property value, make it easier to sell a property, and increase the accessibility factor for individuals with mobility challenges. Luckily, today’s lifts come in a wide array of designs and are available to suit any budget. For older adults, having a lift means not worrying about slipping or falling on steps when moving about the house.

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Only Wealthy People Can Afford Interior Designers

One of the most popular myths is that interior designers only cater to wealthy clients. That’s never been true because designers need people of all income levels to survive. Having a few well-heeled clients is a luxury for most designers. Instead, their customer lists include working couples, individuals, young owners, older adults, and everyone in between. Even if you’re on a tight budget, it’s possible to afford a one-hour consultation from an experienced professional. From that short meeting and walk-through of your home, the expert can give you plenty of guidance and suggestions for improving the look of the space. That one-time investment can completely change the way you view your interior space and provide excellent and affordable DIY ideas for projects.

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