Mana Glass House by AABE

Mana Glass House by AABE

Location: Baleares, Spain
Year: 2006
Photo courtesy: Jean Luc Laloux, Eugenio Pons

Nature lays down the law. Its wonderful setting dominates, walls become plate glass windows. Light guides us. Trees creep through construction.


The pool is soon a feature of the countryside. The liquid element connects us with the sea. Beyond, the story of the house ends on an untouchable horizon, like all other stories.


A butterfly conservatory, the key thrown away: a space defined by the transparency of the windows, an infinite space where thoughts take flight at the whim of imagination.

mana-house-01 Mana-House-04 Mana-House-05 Mana-House-06 Mana-House-07 Mana-House-08 Mana-House-09 Mana-House-10 Mana-House-11 Mana-House-12 Mana-House-13 Mana-House-14

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