HWCD’s Xian Xia Rd. Office’s furniture

HWCD’s Xian Xia Rd. Office’s furniture


These two elements (front desk and discussion table) showed up as direct result of the new programs that HWCD is starting to use on a daily basis in the design process. Just a few years ago it could be impossible to conceive something like this.01 HWCD Office's front desk table_Frontal View

The new front desk and meeting table represents HWCD’s commitment towards the involvement of the most up- to-date tools in their design process. With the help of parametric and generative modelling technics we converted the different steps of the design process, namely conceptual shape development; detailed design; constructional analysis and post-production, into one step. We gained the ability to instantly get feedback of the end result while developing the base concept.02 HWCD Office's front desk table_View from the left

On the production side the usage of CNC and laser cutter machines allowed us to very quickly get a real scale model of the end product. The accurate post-production technics highly decreased the time and human-resource investments of the furniture factory, thus reasonably lowered the cost of production.03 HWCD Office's front desk table_View from the right

With this new method of constant tests and ease of evaluation in finding the right solution for every requirement, we created two furnitures of the same design family that can be considered evolutionary in the aspect of design development and production. 

04 HWCD Office's front desk table_Detail 01 05 HWCD Office's front desk table_Detail 02 06 HWCD Office's discussion table_01 07 HWCD Office's discussion table_02

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