How to Choose the Perfect Area Rug for Children’s Bedroom

How to Choose the Perfect Area Rug for Children’s Bedroom

Choosing an area rug for the kids’ room can be pretty challenging. It’s a real rug-hunting adventure that will create the perfect area rug for your children’s bedroom. And in those places with high traffic, you need a rug that can withstand the pressure and heavy wear from the feet. 

Make parenting one step easier by choosing one of the many types of whimsical area rugs, rugs with bold colors and patterns, and made of natural materials. These rugs come in so many fun designs that they become the focal point of your room. So much so that you can plan your decor theme from the rug itself! 

Here are some things to consider when choosing the perfect area rug for the children’s bedroom.

1. Determine The Budget

Who wouldn’t want to decorate their children’s room? While it’s crucial to provide a bedroom for your kids, you need to consider the budget intended for that purpose. Decorating the room with beautiful items is a nice experience. However, that doesn’t mean you need to spend all of your money on expensive furniture. Some items can be found cheaper, like using paint instead of wallpaper or repurposing old furniture instead of buying new. 

Think about your budget and the additional alternative you can use to decorate the room. For example, since the area rug in the room plays an essential part and makes a statement in a room, you should not scrimp to save money on that purchase. Instead, consider all the rug features like suitability, materials, washing properties, color, and patterns before buying. 

2. Make Sure You Do The Maintenance

After buying the rug, you need to keep it clean and in tip-top shape. Therefore, you should pay a lot of attention to how easy the rug is to clean. 

If it’s a rug that is more susceptible to spills, stains, and wear, you might consider one that is easy to spot and clean or that can go in a machine (though these tend to be a lot smaller). Again, the best approach is to buy a user-friendly rug that is not difficult to clean and can accommodate your lifestyle.

3. Determine The Size

Whether the kids’ room is small or large, you need to place the proper rug size in it. You can go with a rug that goes under the bed completely or use the rule of ⅔ space left. The two-thirds method is more compelling because you will have more space around the corners and edges when cleaning and vacuuming. 

The rug should be large enough or small enough, depending on the room and space available. If it’s a large room, the rug should anchor the furniture, while for smaller rooms, it needs to sit independently without causing a feeling of overdecoration.

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4. Durability

Durability is important when choosing a rug, and you need to make yourself familiar with the common rug features. Nylon is a synthetic fiber ideal for areas with high traffic, and it’s perfect for the kids’ room. It’s made to withstand wear and crush and provide a long-lasting effect.  

Wool rugs are one of the most popular since they are sturdy and tender. At the same time, jute is considered among the safest fabric material. Besides being practical, the rug needs to be something that will look nice and appealing. So, we must mention that you choose the right color and design pattern. One of the best pieces of advice we can give is to find a rug that matches a color scheme or a general style and match the wall frames, the furniture, or the rest of the room’s features.

5. Texture

Another feature to consider when buying a kid’s rug is the texture. It’s important because it will not only serve as a cover on the floor, it will provide comfortable cushioning and a sense of warmth while stepping on it. Wool rugs are perfect and give a feeling of a soft landing.

6. Rug Ideas

Some of the best rug ideas for kids are patterned rugs, rainbow-themed rugs, vibrant colors, and colorful patterns and shapes. A beautiful rug is not all about the colorful hues and bold colors. Most rugs are fabulous when they feature subtle patterns that complement the style, tone, and the room’s theme. If a floral and playful patterned rug is the kid’s favorite, ensure you respect your child’s preferences when buying one.

Rainbow-themed rugs can bring harmony into your kid’s room and light it up. Of course, a multicolored rug is a right choice either way. 

Rugs with multiple shapes or beautiful butterflies can be of a learning nature for your kids. For example, shapes like ovals, rectangles, circles, or a star can be used to teach your kids about shapes. And designs with butterflies, bees, cats, or any other animal can also be useful.

7. Make the Rug Part of The Design

Now you’ve learned how to pick a rug for your kid’s room by thinking about the key elements of color, design, size, durability, and material; you’re ready to shop! 

Remember not to scrimp on this decor element, as when done well, a rug enhances the look of any room.

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