House B2 by Jaime Ortiz de Zevallos

House B2 by Jaime Ortiz de Zevallos

Architects:  Jaime Ortiz de Zevallos
Location: Pachacamac District, Peru
Year: 2013
Area: 4,951 sqft
Photo courtesy: Jaime Ortiz de Zevallos

Located at 46 kilometers from Lima on the valley of Pachacmac in the outskirt of the Andes, the house is located in a lightly incline 7500 square meter plot of land overlooking a beautiful Eucalyptus forest and the majestic desert mountains behind.


The project was think up as a response to the context, sun, views, program established by the clients and the desire of interacting with nature and the landscape. The house was placed at the North East corner of the site near the access to the closest road in order to maximize the use of the land. The buildings work as a screen that conceals the property when you enter. The North façade facing the sun has been perforated only to generate views and a cross ventilation while keeping it mainly solid to control the sun during the warm day and release heat at night.


The building has been split in to two concrete and stone volumes connected through a glass bridge that is located in the upper side of the property controlling its views onto the landscape and opening the public and private spaces to it. The program was divided in three parts and two levels to minimize the footprint, the main volume ground floor contains a family room, kitchen, dining room and a double story living room bringing the exterior into the house, the double height living room displaces the second floor children’s bedrooms to the side and generating a cover outdoor patio around an exterior fireplace and wood oven.


The second concrete building has been separated by an open walkway to the garden and contains a room for guests with a mezzanine and the master bathroom that connects back to the house through the cover glass bridge.

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