Horseshoe-shaped Lake Home by Maximilian Eisenköck

Horseshoe-shaped Lake Home by Maximilian Eisenköck

Architects: Maximilian Eisenköck
Location: Steinbrunn, Austria
Year: 2015
Area: 1,841 ft²/ 171 m²
Photo courtesy: Maximilian Eisenköck

The Neufeldersee – a little lake around 30 minutes from Vienna, Austria – situated between 2 little mountain areas offers a perfect space for summer amusement. The horseshoe-molded working with a story space of 220m² is situated on the shores of the little lake which was made by flooding an open-cast mine in 1932. It is owned by the royal Esterházy family.


The focal point of the building is a yard in the center – the porch – which is encased by 3 sides of the building and opens for the water and the night sun out.


Wood as primary building material was browsed the beginning of the entire procedure of outline. It was the best way to complete the perplexing geometry without cool spots and with the requested thin measurements.


In the first place, the pre-assembled wooden components were put on the establishment plate. The façade was made like a Japanese decoration with dark straps. The subsequent fields fill the African Okume plates.


Huge glass components were made on the north side – not minimum keeping in mind the end goal to give the ideal light painting inhabitants accessible.


The main huge scale southern coating is situated in the territory of ​​natural shadowing by the neighboring building making further shading pointless. In a few places the tallness of the coating comes to up to the highest point of the building itself and dematerialized itself in this way.


Another environmental methodology can be discovered – past high segment protection values ​​-as an improved and space-sparing and sensible zoning of the living zones.


Being a mid year house cover from the sun surpassed the requirement for an expansive south-bound introduction . All broad glazings were made on the north side – not slightest with a specific end goal to give the perfect light to the depiction occupants.


Unpredictable structures instead of uniform warm protection composite exterior. Today’s development and the migration of the building-spending plan towards building automation frequently forces planners to logic – we need to change that in our outline. We need to put resources into the configuration, the shape und the surfaces more than in its specialized components.


In this venture it implied that brilliant items could be introduced while keeping a sensible spending plan. The weighting was towards high building quality joined with accomplishing a low measure of square meters trough a shrewd floor plan.

Horseshoe-shaped-Lake-Home-by-Maximilian-Eisenkock-10 Horseshoe-shaped-Lake-Home-by-Maximilian-Eisenkock-11 Horseshoe-shaped-Lake-Home-by-Maximilian-Eisenkock-12 Horseshoe-shaped-Lake-Home-by-Maximilian-Eisenkock-13 Horseshoe-shaped-Lake-Home-by-Maximilian-Eisenkock-14 Horseshoe-shaped-Lake-Home-by-Maximilian-Eisenkock-15 Horseshoe-shaped-Lake-Home-by-Maximilian-Eisenkock-16 Horseshoe-shaped-Lake-Home-by-Maximilian-Eisenkock-17 Horseshoe-shaped-Lake-Home-by-Maximilian-Eisenkock-18 Horseshoe-shaped-Lake-Home-by-Maximilian-Eisenkock-19 Horseshoe-shaped-Lake-Home-by-Maximilian-Eisenkock-20 Horseshoe-shaped-Lake-Home-by-Maximilian-Eisenkock-21

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