Green Lantern Residence by John Grable Architects

Green Lantern Residence by John Grable Architects

Architects: John Grable Architects
Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA
Year: 2013
Area: 4,000 sqft
Photo courtesy: John J. Grable, Dror Baldinger

Sited on a corner lot of the Alamo Heights neighborhood, overlooking the Olmos Basin with views of downtown, this innovative single family residence was built upon the architect and client’s mutual respect for the environment. With the foundation of sustainability as a responsible and moral obligation of built form, the challenge was to balance innovative sustainable technologies with time honored techniques while also drawing from and integrating with the historic context of the neighborhood.


The single story bedroom portions of the original 1948 ranch style home remained and were encapsulated with new one and two story public space additions.


At the ground floor changes in level, stepping up over the pool along the main entry bridge and back down again from the kitchen to the living area, provide a playful dialogue and transition between public spaces, even as a largely open floor plan and generous windows act to connect these spaces to each other and the outdoors. Additionally, wall-to-wall sliding doors in the living area open up to expand the room out into the pool and landscape that provides additional outdoor space for entertaining and gathering of friends and loved ones.


The entry bridge spanning the pool enlivens these outdoor spaces with a grotto waterfall niche that compliments the cool shade of the heritage trees that reside throughout the yard. This rhythm is mirrored at the second floor as a series of folding doors in the ‘party room’ open to a large out-door terrace in the tree canopies, which again steps down to its own ‘landscape’ green roof garden with hot tub that takes in distance vistas of downtown.


These forms not only provide elegant spaces for entertaining, but also provide a stage for discussion and promotion of the core principle of sustainability that produced it. Meeting and exceeding standards for green certifications; such as Energy Star – Gold, NAHB Green Building – Emerald, Build SA Green – Level 3, and LEED – Platinum; act as a catalyst to encourage sustainability and responsible building practices in future projects with-in one of San Antonio’s oldest neighborhood, and through-out the city.

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