Furnishing Your Home with Signature Design by Ashley

Furnishing Your Home with Signature Design by Ashley

Buying furniture for an entire home is a big job. And it’s a project that can go wrong if you don’t have a plan. Yet, there is more than one way to approach your interior design project. Here are several different ways to complete this task.

1. Go Room by Room

Many people like to furnish one room at a time. This technique simplifies the project, but it might not create a cohesive look throughout your entire home. The good news is that when you go room by room, it’s easy to narrow your search to categories like living room furniture, bedroom sets, dining tables, or whatever you want to put in each room. Another great bit of news: you can buy Signature Design by Ashley furniture for each of your living spaces.

2. Choose a Collection

Another way to begin your plan is to find a collection you like and go from there. Signature Design by Ashley happens to have many collections that include items for all your rooms. Take, for example, the Bolanburg Collections. Here, you will find bedroom sets, dining sets, occasional tables for your living room, an extra-large TV stand for your rec room, and even a home office set. If the collection you like doesn’t have furniture for every room, you can choose similar furniture collections for your other rooms.

3. Start with the Big Items

If you’re feeling adventurous, you might want to choose each item individually rather than going with a collection. One way to get the look you want is to start with the largest or most important items in each room. Whether it’s a canopy bed for the bedroom, a counter height dining set, or a leather sectional, choose your first piece for each room. Then, fill in the rest of your design with elements that coordinate with it in color, style, or function.

4. Create a Theme

A traditional way of furnishing your home is to start with a theme. Maybe your theme will be country casual. Or you might want an airy beach style home. A nautical theme, a romantic theme, or a rustic theme can give your home a unique look. Thinks of what interests and appeals to you to choose your theme. Then, browse furniture by Ashley to find pieces and sets that fit into that concept.

5. Begin with a Favorite Piece

Okay, are you ready for the most challenging way to plan your décor? If so, start with one favorite piece for each room. Want to stretch your design skills even more? Try starting with just one accent piece to define the interior of your entire home. Besides being difficult, this method often relies on a piece that isn’t as timeless as a simple neutral contemporary sofa, for example. Yet, if you’re smart and savvy, you can have that favorite piece as the focal point of your room and still create a well-balanced design.

No matter how you plan your home décor, it’s important to choose beautiful, high-quality furniture for every room. With Signature Design by Ashley, you can do that easily. Besides that, you can get the furniture you need to complete your plan at an affordable price.

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