Fairhaven Beach House by John Wardle Architects

Fairhaven Beach House by John Wardle Architects

Architects: John Wardle Architects
Location: Fairhaven, an area of French Island, Victoria, Australia
Photos: John Wardle Architects

This agile shoreline house appreciates all encompassing perspectives over the southern sea and surf shoreline. Situated on top of the ridgeline over the Great Ocean Road on the Victorian coastline, the extents, introduction and measurements of windows are customized to specific perspectives and to uncover inner spaces.


Our configuration procedure is much the same as scenography, cutting together tactile and spatial encounters to outline the theater of inhabitation inside. The spatial trip through the house from entry to view is choreographed to expand expectation before coming to the principle living space. As you venture underneath a cantilevered study into a sensational vertical passage space, you turn out to be intensely mindful of various curves and creases along its length that make the change into even living space. The primary window opening matches the true to life extents of the sea view.


This shoreline house curls and ventures around a secured focal patio, which makes an outside space shielded from the brutal winning winds. The living range entryways and a larger than usual sliding kitchen window open up and incorporate the yard with the house amid fine climate.


Substantially the house is clad in a green-dark zinc cladding, for both its life span and regular shading that converges with the scour and tea tree scene. Conversely, the inside surfaces of the house are totally lined in timber to frame a fenced in area for living that its tenants turn out to be totally submerged inside. Your eye is then constantly drawn toward the sensational standpoint past.


Fairhaven-Beach-House-05 Fairhaven-Beach-House-06 (1) Fairhaven-Beach-House-07 Fairhaven-Beach-House-08 Fairhaven-Beach-House-09 Fairhaven-Beach-House-10 Fairhaven-Beach-House-11 Fairhaven-Beach-House-12 Fairhaven-Beach-House-13 Fairhaven-Beach-House-14

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