Country Club Residence near a golf course by Migdal Arquitectos

Country Club Residence near a golf course by Migdal Arquitectos

Architects: Migdal Arquitectos
Location: Huixquilucan, State of Mexico, Mexico
Year: 2014
Area: 12,917 ft²/ 1,200 m²
Photo courtesy: Rafael Gamo

The house is oriented towards a golf course. All the spaces face this vast green garden, which forms a continuity with the home’s private green area, becoming the most important garden of the two.


An indoor pathway is created within the house by the central atrium, which is bathed in natural light thanks to the transparent glass skylights suspended in the roof. This grand passageway terminates in the tree garden on the upper floor.


The double height lounge is an element with a significant presence, with a glass enclosure framed by a hanging wall that unfolds from the ceiling, providing scale and confinement.


Sunlight was fundamental to the conception of the project, achieving large naturally illuminated areas with picture windows and skylights. The insolation is controlled by awnings to generate shadow.


The transparency of the house leads to an inverse effect, such that by day it is bathed in natural light, and at night it resembles a lantern, with its volumes appearing to float above the grass.


The furnishings have a specific position considering their function and appearance. A number of them can rotate to integrate or separate spaces, as transitional or visual elements.

Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-06 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-07 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-08 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-09 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-10 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-11 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-12 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-13 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-14 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-15 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-16 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-17 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-18 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-19 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-20 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-21 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-22 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-23 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-24 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-25 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-26 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-27 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-28 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-29 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-30 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-31 Country-Club-Residence-near-a-golf-course-by-Migdal-Arquitectos-32

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