Complete Backyard Cleanup and Restoration

Complete Backyard Cleanup and Restoration

After enjoying warm summer days in a beautiful and bloomed backyard, it’s time to do some fall cleaning and prepare it for winter. Fall is the perfect season for cleaning up the yard since the weather is pleasant and enjoyable and still not too cold to spend hours outside. Tackling your house and yard at once can be pretty overwhelming, but not if you do it step by step. Below are some tips that can make your fall cleaning less stressful, and you can use them as a guide to help you create a plan you can handle for a complete backyard cleanup:

1. Pruning or complete removal of trees

Although this is a year-round maintenance job, fall is the perfect time for this task to be done. The weight of snow on dead trees and branches can be enough to cause them to fall, making it dangerous for you and your property. When deciding on removing a tree from your yard, make sure you hire professionals since this can be a seriously dangerous project for an amateur.

The price for removing a tree depends on numerous reasons, with a tree surgeon usually charging around £150 to £200 per day in labor. Keep in mind that the tree felling cost entails the size of the tree, the type of tree, access, disposal, and many more important things in between. The prices might also vary depending on your location.

2. Trim the branches and shrubs, and cut the perennials

After getting rid of some trees in the yard, make sure you trim the branches of the remaining trees. These can be dangerous, but you can trim them yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. After trimming, rake the leaves and use them to form compost for your plants.

If you have perennials, it is time to move them into different parts of the yard. Also, depending on your preference, you can trim your shrubs once summer is over and fall begins. Some decide to trim them before they bloom in the spring, but you can also wait until they are bloomed and grown for the season so you can shape them as you like.

3. Remove debris and mow the lawn

Now it’s time to do the most crucial part – mow the lawn. Before you do this, prepare your yard by removing plants that did not survive to make the soil loosen up and provide a place for new ones. Also, remove the weeds and anything else that gets in the way, such as broken garden features, rusty lawn ornaments, old planters, etc.  

Keeping your lawn healthy is very important, so make sure you feed and trim it regularly. Remember to cut no more than one-third of the grass to keep away from removing too much of the functioning green leaf. The final mowing should be done when it’s consistently below 10°C. You can also trim the edges of the lawn as needed.

Complete Backyard Cleanup and Restoration

Photo by Daniel Watson from Unsplash

4. Regrown the lawn

Early fall is usually the perfect time to regrow the lawn as it takes a beating throughout the year, so patches are inevitable. It is also a great time to think about adding seeds to areas that are thinning, which will help thicken the grass. Whether you need to replace a small section or cover a large area, make sure you are gentle when removing the leaves from the newly-grown grass.

The grass is a growing plant, meaning it benefits from healthy soil, the right set of growing conditions, and most importantly – regular lawn care. You can also plant some new trees, shrubs, and other seasonal plants to make sure your yard looks beautiful even in colder weather.


5. Protect the plants from cold weather

Keep in mind that although some plants can handle the cold, some need protection during the winter period. Smaller plants and various shrubs need to be covered from the snow, and to do this you need mulch and some winter barriers.

Simply add mulch near the base of the plants for water and insulation, and cover them with burlap, blankets, or sheets. Also, a fresh layer of mulch will make your yard look revived again. Rain, snow, and cold temperatures can spoil your garden, so the best thing is to protect them adequately.    

Complete Backyard Cleanup and Restoration

Photo by Joakim Finell from Unsplash

Final words for a complete backyard cleanup

Cleaning up the yard may seem like an easy task at first, but you’ll probably need a little help from professionals or some family members. Cleaning and restoring your yard takes time, hard work, and also knowledge to do the work safely and correctly. Consult with professionals to help and give you pointers so you can provide quality care and maintenance throughout the year. 

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